Our business considers 5 activities :

  1. UHF/VHF Radio Modems and Related Products Supply
  2. I/O Signal's Wireless Transmission
  3. Radio Network Design
  4. Antennas, Masts and Field Services

Product Supply :

The products we supply are :

  • - UHF/VHF Radio data modems,
  • - Antennas,
  • - Antenna Masts,
  • - Filters, Cables, Connectors,
  • - I/O modules,
    - Industrial Panel PCs and Numerical Control Units.

Wireless I/O signal transmission with SATEL I/O modules :

Wired signal transmission may not be feasible over a certain distance. For simple applications when the number of digital and/or analog signals is not too much, you can relay cables by 2 radio modems and specific signal connection modules.  SATEL has very affordable and reliable point-to-point or point-to-multipoint signal transmission modules (I-LINK, RMC). We supply ready-to-run M2M-packages or other specific solutions for your applications.  

Wireless Network Design Service :

RF Network Design is a necessary step to obtain a reliable and efficient radio data communication system.  Based on the topographic data of each station, we realize for you a complete evaluation of your RF data network. This allows us to select the right modem types, define the right output power, the usage of a repeater or not, the antenna, its orientation and polarization, the cable lengths and types. We establish at the end a link budget between communication points considering a certain safety margin. To validate this work, it's also possible to make a site survey and realize fields communication tests.

Depending on the application and used modem types, we can also supply you a network management system (NMS) that would allow you remote diagnostic and monitoring and parametrization of your network's modems from a PC installed at your central station. 

Antennas Musts and Field Services :

We supply various Antennas, Musts and Installation services.

Customized Industrial Panel PC, Keypads, Signal Acquisition Modules
Development Services :

Your application may need some standard RTU or I/O modules' usage. But, sometime you may also need specific software or specific hardware (I/O or signal processing module, specific key panels or Panel PCs, etc),  developments. We help you to realize those customization requests.  We are able to design specific HW signal modules for your project. SATEL SWITZERLAND - TUNCELLI CCS has a large experience on hardware development related to real time control systems, involving numerical control systems,  Industrial Panel PCs and Signal Acquisition and Processing boards.