SATELLAR Series RF data Modems (NEW!)


SATELLAR Series is the latest generation digital radio modem system products family from SATEL supporting the TCP/IP communication. 




SATELLAR digital radio modem systems consist of several units:

  •    - Central unit (CU)
  •    - Radio unit (RU)

SATELLAR enables the building of an independent, reliable, real-time radio data communication system that meets the specific needs of the customer.

Typically, a central unit together with a radio unit are used in a network as a master station or in locations where an Ethernet connection is needed. For radio router stations, the central unit is not necessarily required. In these cases, the radio unit can be used alone. This is possible thanks to the modular structure of the product.

SATELLAR units are available as combined product packages:

  •  -  SATELLAR-XT 5R is a radio unit that can be used in
      stations where a standard RS-connection is sufficient.

  •  - SATELLAR-XT 5RC radio modem provides the most reliable data connectivity for mission-critical applications that require stability, high availability, and long range. It supports both, serial and IP data low latency networking. The remote management is easy with the intuitive user interface NETCO.

  • SATELLAR Units exist also with 10W TX power :

  •  -  SATELLAR-20DS

  • SATELLAR-XT5RC , but it is equipped with a colour display
    and a keypad.

Download Brochure

Download Part 1: Quick Start 2DS / 20DS

Download Part 2 : Central Unit (CU) User Guide

Download Part 3: Radio Unit (RU) User Guide 

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