• Antenna Cables are defined with length, signal loss characteristics and connector types. Cable type must be selected according to the length. To avoid unnecessary signal losses it's not recommended to use a cable over its limits. 

    We supply standard predefined-length cables and/or cables according to the requested lengths having  1.6dB/10m, 0.9dB/10m, 0.8dB/10m or 0.6dB/10m signal loss characteristics.

  • When ordering a cable make sure to define the connector type and Male/Female execution.

    Standard length cables :

  • RF-1
    RG58 type, 1m, with TNC-male/TNC-female connectors

    RG58 type, 5m, with TNC-male/TNC-female connectors

    RG58 type, 5m, with TNC-male/TNC-male connectors

    RG58 type, 15cm with TNC-female/TNC-male
    right-angle connectors.

    Cables to order per meter  :

  • RG213 (used upto 10m max)
  • standard (1.6 dB / 10 m) cable with TNC or N connectors

  • ECOFLEX10 (used for 10-20m)
  • low loss (0.9 dB / 10 m) cable with N or TNC -connectors.

  • AIRCOM+ (used for 20-30m)
    low loss (0.8 dB / 10 m) cable  with N or TNC -connectors.

  • ECOFLEX15 (used for 30-40m)
  • very low loss (0.6 dB / 10 m) cable with N -connectors.