UHF/VHF  Antennas

We supply the following type of UHF and VHF antennas manufactured by our Finnish Antenna Specialist Company Completec's ComAnt antennas with various radiation patterns :

ComAnt Yagi
                        Anten ComAnt Omnidireksiyonel ComAnt
                        Dipol ve Çoklu İstif Antenler
Yagi and Stacked
Yagi Antennas
Dipole and stacked
array antennas
Lightning Protector
and Accessories

On demand, special antennas having a certain form of radiation pattern may be proposed. We provide the necessary engineering support for those specific need.

SATEL SWITZERLAND - TUNCELLI CCS may also provide different type masts.


ATEX :    ComAnt® antennas are not ATEX approved.
But, they have been integrated to systems where the whole system is in conformity with ATEX directive. The system integrator is responsible of the system conformity with ATEX directive.

When ordering an antenna don't forget to indicate the used frequency.

Useful documents :

- Application note for antenna usage in Telemetry applicat. : Antenna Usage in Telemetry
- Information on antennas patterns download the zip document  : Antenna Patterns
- Installation Instructions (zip file including all models) : Installation Instructions